The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection and disbursement of chapter funds, reporting the financial transactions to the membership on a monthly basis and compliance with all revenue recording and reporting requirements.

  • The Treasurer is a Primary Officer for the Chapter.
  • The Chapter uses Quickbooks software for bookkeeping of all Chapter financial records.
  • There are two Chapter Checking Accounts. A General Fund and Foster Care Account. Foster Care in not Chapter money, it can only be used for the Foster Care expenses. This money was collected for Foster Care expenses only.
  • Two signatures are required on each check from the Director, Assistant Director, Secretary or Treasurer.
  • Chapter Director must approve all expenses before such expense is committed, no matter what the dollar amount is.
  • No debit cards are to be issued unless the four primary officers agree to a policy change. (Debit cards cause a lack of control.)
  • There are two Petty Cash funds, one for Activities and another for LOH. The Activities and LOH Officers are responsible for providing the Treasurer a monthly worksheet of the income and expenses for their respective Petty Cash Fund.
  • All Financial records are stored at Wolverine Harley Davidson.
  • Attend Primary Officer Training. (Sponsored by National H.O.G.)

Monthly Requirements:

  • Board Meetings 2-3 hours
  • General Membership meetings 2-2 1/2 hours
  • Make Deposits
  • Write Checks
  • Make journal entries for petty cash funds
  • Calculate LOH annual recap worksheet – review with Chapter Director
  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Create reports – balance sheet, yearly and monthly profit & loss statements
  • Back-up Quickbooks, bank recons and financial reports on Flash drive
  • Attend Primary Officer Executive sessions as necessary

Annual Requirements:

  • Prepare Budget
  • Obtain 50/50 raffle licenses – as necessary
  • Complete and file annual taxes – form 990 ez – due May 15th each year
  • Complete annual non-profit filing – due October 1st each year
  • Charity Collection – Coordinate money counters and bank deposits – 2 day requirement
  • Membership renewal – held during October, November and December General Membership Meetings. Verify money collected and matches with applications turned in. Done in the presence of the Chapter Secretary and Chapter Membership Officer.