Officer Roles and Responsibilities

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The Historian shall be responsible for the preparation and maintenance of a written account of the history of the chapter, to include officer positions, chapter activities and membership levels.

Historian position description according to the chapter handbook:


  • Assist the sponsoring dealer and chapter director in upholding the “Annual Charter for H.O.G. Chapters”
  • Organize written accounts of chapter activities, records names of chapter officers, notes membership levels, etc.
  • Organizes photos of chapter activities, officers, members, etc.

The Historian may want to:

  • Work with the chapter Photographer or other members to assemble a collection of photos and materials that document the life of the chapter.
  • Create a permanent history of the chapter that can be stored in a “chapter library” at the dealership.
  • Assemble historic material that may be utilized in articles for both the chapter publications and Hog Tales.


  • Occasionally, do a one, two or five-year “on this date” feature in the chapter publication.
  • Display the chapter history book at as many chapter events as possible.
  • Seek articles and photos from chapter members. This adds a variety of perspectives and lightens your workload.
  • Publish history submissions in the newsletter and permanently archive them in the chapter history book.
  • Be creative; it’s your history.

Membership Officer:

“Membership Officer: The Membership Officer shall be responsible for ensuring that all chapter members are current H.O.G. members, having on file a signed copy of the Annual Chapter Membership Enrollment Form & Release of each member as signed on an annual basis; maintains chapter membership report, and maintaining report on the Chapter Officer section of “ HOG Chapter Charter

  • Form and oversee membership committee.
  • Welcome members at meetings, stamp membership cards.
  • Distribute new member packets.
  • Welcome new members, answer questions & introduce to present chapter members.
  • Chair new member meetings, including contacting other officers to attend.

Overall responsible for chapter membership tracking.

  1. Process new membership applications & renewals
  2. Ensure all members are National H.O.G. members
  3. Update chapter membership on H.O.G. site
  4. Print membership cards and labels for distribution
  5. Update website Membership List
  6. Print newsletter mailing labels from updated chapter list
  7. Maintain chapter postage meter
  • Attend Primary Office Training as needed.
  • Attend officers and general meetings.
  • Contribute to the chapter newsletter.
  • Respond to email and phone calls from chapter members and other officers.
  • Attend all chapter functions when possible.
  • Support other officers when necessary.

Desired Skills, Qualities and Requirements

  • Planning, communication and organizational skills.
  • Working knowledge of MS Word, Excel and Access.
  • Enthusiastic about HOG and all that is Harley Davidson!

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