Officer Roles and Responsibilities

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Ride Coordinator:

  • • Overall responsibility to plan overnight trips for chapter members
    o Recruit committee members
    o Work with committee members on planning and execution of overnight trips (day rides can be included)
    o Make lodging arrangements as required
    o Plan routes and logistics
    • Has overall responsibility for the Chapter’s ride/event schedule for the year
    o Work with LOH/Activities Officers and Wolverine H-D in putting together the yearly ride/event schedule/log
    o Ride/Event Log is a living document that requires constant updates; i.e. ride/event stats/participation for history
    o Retrieve ride/event stats from LOH/Activities Officers and/or Ride Lead
    • Work with Webmaster to make sure Chapter website calendar is up to date and all details posted in a timely manner
    • Work with Head Road Captain to put together a monthly Road Crew Support schedule for Road Crew-escorted Chapter rides
    • Participate and contribute actively as a Wolverine Chapter Officer
    o Attend monthly Officers’ meetings
    o Attend General Membership meetings
    o Contribute to Chapter Newsletter
    • As a member of the Chapter Board, will work to support the activities of the Wolverine HOG Chapter and Wolverine Harley Davidson
    Desired Skills and Qualities for a Ride Coordinator:
    • Able to create/share exciting rides
    • Forward Planning ability
    • Detailed oriented
    • Able to lead a small group of people (committee)
    • Friendly and outgoing with all Chapter members
    • Enthusiastic about HOG and all that is Harley Davidson!!

Safety Officer:

  • Provides Motorcycle Safety Foundation information to members
  • Educates members about the Safe Rider Skills program
  • Assists the Road Captain in:
  • Planning routes for chapter rides
  • Educating members about group riding techniques
  • Informing chapter members of any hand signals used by chapter
  • Assists in the collection of signed release forms
  • Assists in completion of injury reports when accidents occur.


  • Overall responsible for managing the Chapter web site and online/electronic communications with the Chapter members.
    • Work with WIT (Wolverine Information Technology) and Chapter photographers to manage the web site and email communications
    • Update web site home page and other pages (i.e. Officers, Blogs, etc.)
    • Manage and respond to Webmaster email
    • Manage officer email forwarding accounts
    • Support other officers web based requirements (i.e. Calendar postings, Chapter email, etc.)
    • Recruit WIT team members
    • Assist and advise members on web technology
  • Manage hosting and email service providers
    • Generate and manage help tickets for service issues
    • Manage accounts related to services
    • Maintain DNS services related to the Chapter domain name
  • Participate and contribute actively as a Chapter officer
    • Attend Chapter Officer meetings
    • Attend Chapter General Membership meetings
    • Participate in various Chapter activities (i.e. rides, parties, etc.)
    • Act as an ambassador of HOG, the Chapter and Wolverine Harley Davidson 
    • Work to support the activities of HOG, the Chapter and Wolverine Harley Davidson
    • Recruit new Chapter members
    • Contribute new and innovative ideas for the Chapter

Desired Webmaster Skills, Qualities and Requirements

  • Some technical/computer experience
  • Experience with HTML, Javascript, SQL, .NET and managing web sites helpful
  • Adobe Photoshop or other image editing software experience
  • Familiarity with web based technology (i.e. web sites, email, blogs, etc.)
  • Computer and Internet connectivity (broadband preferred)
  • Ability to manage a creative group of technically skilled people
  • Good communications and organization skills
  • Friendly and outgoing
  • Passionate about motorcycles
  • Enthusiastic about HOG and all that is Harley Davidson!

Head Road Captain (This position is open only to Road Captains)

  • Recruit and train Road Crew Members.
  • Coordinate Road Crew Meetings.
  • Coordinate Road Captain Applications and Renewals.
  • Coordinate Road Crew Training, CPR, Accident Scene Management, etc. classes.
  • Coordinate Road Crew Support for HOG Chapter rides with other Officers and Wolverine.

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