AFLAC Discounted Rates Available

Dear Wolverine Chapter 1332 Members, 

We are excited to announce that our AFLAC Programs are now available to you
at a DISCOUNTED RATE through the Chapter*!! Chapter Members (and their
immediate families) can participate at PAYROLL RATES!!!

What do we do?

Aflac designs programs that help by paying CASH to people when they are hurt
or sick.  Our programs help cover COPAY's, DEDUCTABLES, and COINSURANCE's.
Most claims paid in 4 business days! 


 Who are we?

Aflac is a company that was started in 1955 by three brothers in Georgia.
We are now the largest Supplimental Insurance Company in the World.  We are
also excited that we are a Fortune 500 Company and are considered the MOST

How Does This Work?

Please Contact me if you have any additional questions or concerns and I
will arrange a meeting with you to pick out the program, or programs, that
best suit you and your lifestyle.  Our programs will be deducted at the
frequency of your choice directly out of your bank account.

What Programs?

Accident-  Benefits paid in the result of an Injury
Cancer- Benefits paid when someone experiences a cancerous situation.  (KIDS
CCR- Benefits paid when a policy holder experiences a Critical Sickness
(Heart Attack, Stroke, Coma ect)
Dental- Primary or Secondary Dental Coverage.  No Networks Needed.


Want to download these brochures? Click the links below..

Accident Brochure

Cancer Brochure

Critical Care and Recovery Brochure

Dental Brochure

Schedule of benefits dental

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!!!

Ray Wood
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Wolverine Chapter #1332 has no financial consideration or interest in this program.  Wolverine Chapter #1332 is only involved in this program as an organization in order to offer discounted rates to the organization’s members.  Any legal, financial or administrative activities or concerns are between the member and AFLAC.  

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