Belle Isle Picnic Ride

Belle Isle Picnic Ride


Great day for a picnic basket!

VA Hospital Ride

VA Hospital Ride


Supporting our Veterans at the VA Hospital.

AJ Salt Docks Ride Meet and Mingle

AJ Salt Docks Ride Meet and Mingle


Ride to Eat and Eat to Ride!

LOH Leather and Lace Ride

LOH Leather and Lace Ride


Great show from the ladies in their frillies!




Checking out the new Harley-Davidson models with the Director.

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Upcoming Events

Sat Sep 20 @ 9:00AM
V.A. Vets Visit
Tue Sep 23 @ 7:00PM
LOH Meeting
Wed Sep 24 @ 6:00PM
Ride Meet and Mingle
Wed Oct 01 @ 7:00PM
Wolverine Officer's Meeting
Sat Oct 04 @10:30AM
Foster Kids Cider Mill and Hayride


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Some good news regarding Ryan Nagy!
He is doing well enough that he will be moved to DMC for physical therapy and rehab. Plans are to move him on Friday and Wolverine H-D would like to provide a motorcycle escort.
Details will be forthcoming soon but we would like to ask that anyone interested in participating in the escort let us know.
Please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are available during the day on Friday and would like to help escort Ryan. Only those who plan on coming out need reply.

We will be accepting applications for both the Webmaster and Photographer positions for the next 30 days. Applications can be downloaded from the Chapter website and turned in at the dealership or to the Director or emailed. If you would like to learn more please don’t hesitate to ask the existing Officer or any other Officer any questions you may have about the positions. There are descriptions of the positions on the website. Wolverine Chapter #1332 WANTS YOU!!

Banner for Ryan
The Chapter has a banner wishing Ryan and his family well wishes. We invite all members to stop in and sign the banner with their well wishes to Ryan. The banner will be at Wolverine H-D for a short period of time so please stop in at your earliest convenience and sign it.

LOH Brunch and Cider Mill Ride
LOH has organized a brunch ride followed by a visit to Blake's Cider Mill for October 12th. This is a Road Crew escorted ride. Details are available here. Please sign up via email at LOH

2013 Mileage Contest Results
Congratulations to everyone who logged their mileage in the Chapter Mileage Contest for 2013. A special congratulations to the Winners!

Women's Categories
Most Enjoyed - Vickie Todaro
Closest to Average - Bobbie Faitel
Runner Up - Rose Gorinski
High Mileage - Karen Carrier

Men's Categories
Most Enjoyed - Leon Striegel
Closest to Average - Bardo Todaro
Runner Up - Jim Penman
High Mileage - Bill Faitel

Grand Prize Chapter High Mileage
Don Landis - 27,703 Miles

A great deal of emphasis is placed on tires in the world of racing, and there's a reason for that...performance and safety. When it comes down to these two factors affecting your life, I can't think of too many parts of a motorcycle that are more important than your tires. On that note, and as we start thinking "spring," here are a few points to consider next time you inspect your motorcycle and prepare for not just that first ride, but any ride:

• Never underestimate the importance of having good, properly inflated tires 100% of the time. INSPECT YOUR TIRES!!

o Over inflated tires can reduce your "traction patch" as well as affect the OVERALL performance, not to mention it will also cause for a bumpier rider.
o Under-inflated tires can result in slow or "sluggish" handling and "heavy steering," but more importantly it can cause a tire to over-flex, which can lead to internal structural damage and over-heating which can result in a tire failure, not to mention the loss in overall performance.

o A normal rule of thumb is to remember that tires have small wear bars molded into the thread groves. When the thread is worn down to the level of the wear bars, they become exposed and visible, and the tire should be replaced. This is when a tire has about 1/32" of thread remaining.
o Some manufacturers recommend replacement when there is 2/32" to 3/32" remaining, but to be sure, please consult your manual.
o There is an old trick about using a penny...if your thread is right at the top of Lincoln's head that tells you the thread is about 2/32" – time to replace the tire.
o However you elect to gauge your tire's thread it is important to do so often...and remember, if it looks worn, it is!

o This something we all have done or will do one day, but watch out for "good deals," or buying tires from unknown sources. Just because a tire has never been mounted on a rim or used on a motorcycle doesn't mean it is in the same condition as when it left the factory. The components of a tire break down (degrade) eventually, and time can be one of the worst enemies.
o I would never recommend buying used tires because you run the risk of not knowing how many heat cycles it has been through.
o In addition, if you buy a used motorcycle, make sure you thoroughly inspect the tires for thread condition (wear) and equally as important, side wall condition.

o How do I know if I am really buying a "new" tire? It's easy...there is a (DOT) serial number molded into the sidewall (this applies to any tire) and to know how to read that is important.
o The serial number will begin with the letters "DOT" and end with a 4-digit date code.
o NOTE: If there are only (3) digits in the date code, it means the tire was made before the year 2000 – get rid of it!!
o The last (4) numbers represent the week the tire was made and the year. Hence, if the code says "DOTXXX3712" (for example) it means the tire was made the 37th week of 2012.
o The side wall will also have a numbers indicating size as well as a load and speed index. These tell how much weight the tire can handle and how fast it is rated for. Example: if you see "62H" it means the tire can support 582 pounds and 130mph (DOT has charts for these indexes).

• If you experience a tire failure / blow out, a possible patch or plug may work, but remember that this is only a temporary measure and speeds should be kept slow, and then replace the tire as soon as possible.

• Remember...The #1 most common mechanical failure on a motorcycle is the tires, so please remember to never become complacent. Always check the tires and tire pressures during your T-CLOCK inspection. When you go to replace them, make sure they are purchased and installed by a trusted, certified dealer...and one that quickly comes to mind would be Wolverine Harley Davidson!

Gary Lewandowski
Safety Officer
Wolverine H.O.G. Chapter

Data for this article was provided by the MIC (Motorcycle Industry Council)

Join Our Chapter!

We have currently signed up over 770 members to our Wolverine HOG Chapter #1332. Why so many??? Because it is Fun and there is no better way to experience the Harley-Davidson life style. So don't hesitate. 

Wolverine Chapter Member Renewals for 2014 will begin at the November 2013 Chapter meeting. Remember you must be a current member to receive your member benefits!

Annual Membership Fees are as follows 1yr- $24.00 // 2yr- $45.00 // 3yr- $65.00- Your National H.O.G. membership needs to mirror your Chapter membership, or be a Life member to use the multi-year sign up option. You can drop-off your membership application at any General Chapter Meeting which occurs the 2nd Tuesday of every month at the Concorde Inn of Clinton Township at 44315 Gratiot Ave just south of Wolverine Harley Davidson. or at Wolverine Harley-Davidson. Guests are welcome to attend. You can download the Membership Enrollment Form here

 Michigan State H.O.G. Rally Information and News Highlights

 Another great rally behind us for 2014. Thanks to all who came out, volunteered and help make this a great event!

The rally location for 2015 has been selected. Look forward to another awesome rally in Marquette, MI next year. Keep up on details as they are released here: 

If you are on Facebook search: Michigan State HOG Rally, like the page for updates.

Lighthouse Contest

Michigan has more lighthouses than any other state, each one with a unique look making it the perfect place for a lighthouse tour. Michigan lighthouses are stars of the shore, beacons of brilliance and luminaries of lore.

More than 115 Great Lakes lighthouses form a stellar constellation along the Michigan coastline, guiding sailors and capturing imaginations. Some still shine for ships, others share their stories with us first-hand as museums, as bed and breakfasts and as Michigan history in the making. Download a map of Michigan’s lighthouses on the Lighthouse Contest here.

Contest Rules
• Contest will run from May 1 to November 30
• Patch will be awarded to all who participate
• Minimum of 12 Lighthouses visited
• Prize awarded for visiting the most Lighthouses
• Prize awarded for visiting the northern most Lighthouse
• Recognition for the largest group photo
• Recognition for the funniest photo
• All photos and entry forms need to be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by November 30, 2014

Fill out the Lighthouse Entry Form HERE

AFLAC Discounted Rates Available

Dear Wolverine Chapter 1332 Members,

We are excited to announce that our AFLAC Programs are now available to you
at a DISCOUNTED RATE through the Chapter*!! Chapter Members (and their
immediate families) can participate at PAYROLL RATES!!!

What do we do?

Aflac designs programs that help by paying CASH to people when they are hurt
or sick.  Our programs help cover COPAY's, DEDUCTABLES, and COINSURANCE's.
Most claims paid in 4 business days! 


Read more: AFLAC Discounted Rates Available

Harley-Davidson busts out two more new bikes

Harley-Davidson busts out two more new bikes

MILWAUKEE (March 6, 2014) - Harley-Davidson® (NYSE:HOG) is at it again. Fresh off the unveiling of the new Harley-Davidson Street™ 750 and the launch of Project RUSHMORE, the company unleashed today two new motorcycles that expand its diverse line-up of street bikes, and put more models for more riders on the showroom floor of each Harley-Davidson dealer.The mid-year release of the retro-cool Low Rider® and rangy SuperLow® 1200T completes the largest new-model launch in Harley-Davidson’s 110-year history and keeps the throttle pinned on the company’s accelerated, customer-led product-development process.

“It’s been a fantastic six months for us,” said Matt Levatich, Harley-Davidson Motor Company President and Chief Operating Officer. “First Project RUSHMORE, then Harley-Davidson Street, now the new SuperLow 1200T and Low Rider models -- all are the result of being customer led and delivering riders the technical prowess and rebellious spirit that they want infused in each and every new Harley.”


Read more: Harley-Davidson busts out two more new bikes

Bling Bling

Have you seen the new trend?


Yes, Blinging has become very popular lately. The L.O.H. had a day up at the dealership to bling your vest. If you have seen some of the ladies vests and would like to do the same thing, you can Click Here To Download Instructions

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